a visual novel.

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May 2024.

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English, French.

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based in Bordeaux, France.
founded in 2007.

21 rue des Retaillons
33 300 Bordeaux

+33 (0) 981 896 150

Echoes is a visual novel / point-and-click adventure for PC/Mac/linux and Nintendo Switch.


Follow the clues, question a cast of quirky and intriguing witnesses, and solve a mysterious murder case in the rural American North-West. Uncover the secrets of the apparently sleepy little town of Greenhearth, where the deeper you dig, the more you risk awakening Eldritch horrors.
Will you crack the case with your sanity intact?


— Gorgeous black and white hand-painted illustrations, with a style that evolves with the mood and tone of the story, from the soft gray scale of the first episode to the hard black and white style of episode four, before ending in a technicolor drenched finale.
— A mind-bending narrative adventure, with four different endings, that seamlessly takes you from a film noir pastiche to an 80’s horror flick.
— Find clues in light point-and-click gameplay scenes, then confront persons of interest to uncover the truth.
— Meet a cast of quirky and lively characters, from the badass sheriff to the strange car mechanic, the neurotic waitress, the jovial hotel manager and more. Question them, befriend them or betray them to crack the case.

Originally released on iOS between 2013 and 2015, Echoes has been completely re-imagined, rewritten and adapted for a full release on PC and Switch between 2021 and 2024.



Reveal Teaser Video (Europe: EnglishFrançais / Americas: English)

Gameplay video


Key Arts

Our Story

Nova-box is a small independent game studio, created in October 2007. During the first years, they worked mainly as subcontractors specialized in complex algorithms and user experience design for larger game studios. Since 2013, they’ve been creating and publishing their own narrative games, starting with “Echoes” on iOS from 2013 to 2015, and followed by a series of critically acclaimed interactive graphic novels: “Along the Edge” in 2016, “Seers Isle” in 2018, “Across the Grooves” in 2020 and “End of Lines” in 2023.

Nicolas Fouqué is an illustrator. School of Fine Arts graduate, he also has a degree in Game Art and started making video games in 2007 at Mad Monkey Studio. Freelance illustrator since 2010, he was the art director of “9 Elefants” (Microids, 2013). He formed a long term partnership with Nova-box, and is the main artist and art director of all their games since 2013. He was the main writer and the creative director of Nova-box’s latest release, “End of Lines” (2023).

Geoffroy Vincens is a writer. He wrote “Along the Edge” in 2016, “Seers Isle” in 2018,  “Across the Grooves” in 2020, and co-authored “Echoes” (2013-2015), “Orphan Age: Diaries” (2017), and “My Hero Firefighter” (2008).

Raphaël Le Bobinnec is a game developer. He is in charge of all things technical at Nova-box.

Camille Marcos and Julien Ponsoda, from the collective “Illustrason”, are soundtrack composers for movies and video-games. They composed and recorded the soundtrack and created the sound design of “Seers Isle” (2018) and “Across the Grooves” (2020).


Story & Characters — Frédéric “Ekmule” Lignac.
Words — Geoffroy Vincens.
Art — Nicolas Fouqué.
Piano — Charles-Henry Martin.
Music Mix & Sfx — Illustrason (Camille Marcos & Julien Ponsoda).
Code — Raphaël Le Bobinnec & Daniel Borges (Manufacture 43).

English Localization — Rachel Capie.
Proofreading — Alix “de Yelst” Jelstrup.
Marketing & PR — Player Two PR.

Art Interns — Jade Dubes, Liannesoa Farge, Florian Ponty (episode 1 backgrounds), Romane Subilleau.






Geoffroy’s Twitter
Camille & Julien “Illustrason” Website

Geoffroy and Nico are available for email / VOIP interviews
(in English and in French).